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Polish Academy of micropigmentation

Permanent make-up trainings in Poland

Permanent make-up courses take place in Wrocław, Biskupia 2/2. As part of the trainings we present all global techniques and we provide professional equipment and models. Doing permanent make-up requires solid preparation, which is why anyone who does not feel ready to independently perform the procedure after the trainings, are welcome to take part in further practice trainings in order to receive a full warranty and satisfaction from the training. A secondary cosmetic education is required in order to take part in our trainings. We welcome and encourage you to work with us, we provide great knowledge and years of experience. We propose three options of trainings:

makijaż premanentny royal linerOption I- ROYAL LINER – 4250 Euro
  • 3 days of individual training
  • ROYAL LINER Device to perform the permanent make-up
  • Dyes, modules, anesthetics, accessories
makijaż premanentny royal liner Option II- MINI ROYAL – 3850 Euro
  • 3 days of individual training
  • MINI ROYAL device to perform the permanent make-up
  • Dyes, needles, modules, anesthetics, accessories
INDIVIDUAL EXTRA PRACTICE TRAININGS COST 800 Euro PER DAY What some of our trainings look like.


ROYAL LINER is a great line, which improve women's beauty.
Professional permanent makeup studio